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How knowing what to expect can help you

Simply knowing what to expect for your upcoming flooring installation can really make a difference in your overall experience. Not knowing can lead to worries, misunderstandings, and other frames of mind that are needless when you choose the right provider. Preparation is also much easier when you know what’s coming, making the whole project easier on everyone. We’ll share some of the most common pieces of information here, and if you have any further questions, simply contact us so we can discuss it.

At MFSI, we’re proud to know that the services we offer you will be enjoyed for many years to come. Having been in business since 1992, our reputation for quality, craftsmanship, reliability, and honesty has grown, as customers realize our goal is their complete satisfaction. Since then, we’ve been serving the communities of Saint Peters, Quincy, Illinois; Carbondale Illinois; Saint Louis, MO; and Sullivan MO. We intend to continue on our path of excellent so that your floors will too.

What to expect for different materials

For all installations, no matter what the material, there are a few important notes. You must have good lighting, power, and climate control at least two days before and after the installation. All small items, trinkets, antiques, and sentimental pieces should be removed and children and pets must not be in the installation area.

Subfloors must meet certain requirements and additional work may be necessary for the process to begin. Depending on the thickness of the materials installed, wood doors may have to be trimmed and molding or wall paint might get scuffed. Finally, be sure to inform installers of hidden wiring, alarms, or monitoring devices and make sure an adult is present for the installation.
What To Expect in Saint Peters, MO area from MFSI
With carpet and vinyl, it should be noted that seams are not completely invisible. Discussing this prior to finalizing the installation is important. It’s also important to understand that new carpet cannot be installed over old padding, as this voids the warranty. Ceramic tile installation can necessitate new molding to hide the edges of the new flooring and some types require unsanded grout only. For wood and laminate installation, crawl spaces will need plastic vapor barriers and concrete subflooring needs a moisture barrier suited for the new material. Also, your new flooring will require an acclimation period. An expansion gap will also be included around the room’s perimeter, allowing for normal movement.

Additional information

MFSI wants to ensure your installation experience is seamless. In order to do so please review the appropriate documents attached in order to ensure you know what to expect and how to prepare. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Items we do not move

This includes baby furniture, electronics, pool tables, pianos, grandfather clocks, aquariums, antiques, etc.


What to Expect - Carpet (pdf)


What to Expect - Ceramic (pdf)


What to Expect - Vinyl (pdf)