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The necessity of in-home measurements for the best experience

One of, if not the primary concern in flooring installation is getting specific in-home measurements for the perfect flooring fit. Some materials can be “off” a little, and still be rectified once the flooring is in place. However, with certain materials such as high-quality carpet and solid hardwood flooring, a wrong measurement can leave you with a world of problems.

To avoid that, MFSI is careful to get the measurements perfect the first time. We’ll take extra care, measuring more than once and in more than one place, making sure our numbers line up. Our service area extends from Saint Peters, Quincy, Illinois; Carbondale, Illinois; Saint Louis, MO; and Sullivan, MO. We’ll gladly take on your project as well, and do our very best to make sure it’s a result you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Taking specific in-home measurements with great accuracy isn’t as easy as some would have you believe. However, we provide this service which will be performed by a seasoned professional who has lots of expertise with this specific necessity in flooring. Once your precise measurements are ready, we can ensure the perfect amount of flooring. This results in less under ordering or over-ordering, so you only pay for what you're actually using in your home. Taking it a step further, having the right amount of flooring on-site means everything will move along on schedule, especially if it saves us from having to order extra materials.
In-Home Measurement in Saint Peters, MO area from MFSI
Some rooms are anything but a “perfect” square or rectangle which means mistakes are much more likely and it’s easier to make mistakes. Since most materials are sold per “square foot” off measurements can make getting the perfect size wrong. The good news is, our service professionals know exactly how to convert your specific flooring size into numbers that will be perfect for your spaces, no matter what shape they are.

For perfect in-home measurements, it’s also important to get those spaces that often go overlooked. Examples would be the bottoms of closets, spaces beneath a staircase, or walk-in pantries. No matter what space, we will make sure it’s not only measured, but measured to perfection.

It’s important that you do more than guesswork when determining how much flooring you’ll need. Unless you simply want to have extra on hand for future repairs or replacements, good in-home measurements can really make a difference.