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After The Installation


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What comes after the install?

Once your flooring is perfectly in place to your satisfaction, and the installers have packed up and gone, there’s one more very important thing that happens. You’ll be contacted by a survey team that is tasked with finding out exactly how we did when installing your floor covering to perfection. We’d like to talk a bit more about that, to help you know what really matters to us about your own personal review.

MFSI services the communities of Saint Peters, Quincy, Illinois; Carbondale, Illinois; Saint Louis, MO; and Sullivan, MO. Our installers are completely dedicated to your 100% satisfaction and we strive to provide everything possible to achieve that. As a brand built around superb craftsmanship, unrivaled reliability, and honesty you can come back to, we intend to make every aspect of your flooring install one that brings your flooring dreams to life.

After the install, we still care

When the survey company contacts you to ask about your specific experience with our team, you’ll want to have a few things in mind already. Knowing a bit about what to expect upfront gives you the ability to not only better answer the questions but also to make the survey as short as possible. We know your time is very important to you, and we don’t want you to spend more time than is necessary for this task.

First of all, think about your overall experience. Are you satisfied with your flooring? Is it what you expected, and does it take care of your preferences and requirements? The “big picture” is what we’ll be discussing here, so be sure to tell how pleased you are on a general basis.
After The Installation in Saint Peters, MO area from MFSI
Some other aspects you might be asked about could include the amount of flooring used for the job, the attitude and mannerisms of your installation team, the depth of explanation your team gave you on the process and aftercare of the product you’re having installed, and much more.

We appreciate every positive response we get to the survey after the install. This information is not only used to rate our performance and make it better for future customers, but it can also be used to create reviews for our service. While good reviews work great for us, they also work great for future customers as well who might be looking for a dependable, trustworthy company on whom they can depend.